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    Dr. Michio Kaku explains some bioinformatic techniques that can be used to resurrect dinosaurs.December 10th, 2012

    Bioinformatics is a great field of study that combines biological research with computer science. One specific area this can deal with is genetic mapping of animals. We know that dinosaurs decedents are mostly birds and as paleontologists find more soft tissue and protein segments in dinosaur bones the possibility to use this data and compare various models against current animals – such as the chicken (gallus gallus) – and find the best possible match strand that could create a dinosaur. Dr. Michio Kaku is famous for bringing the possibilities of science to everyone and in this short clip he shares a little bit of information that engineers in the future can utilize.

    If you enjoyed this video by Dr. Kaku you will also like one of his most recent books talking more about science of the future. Dr. Kaku is a doctor of theoretical physics and his books are a compilation of information from hundreds of scientists.