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    Exclusive clip into the new dinosaur

    Sorry for the delay.

    I’ve been finishing up school and it took its toll on me. I haven’t been very good about keeping this blog up to date. My goal is to do a little bit of catchup work and then keep everybody posted on what is currently happening with Jurassic World, which is less than one year away […]

    Jurassic Park IV Gets New Release Date and Title – Jurassic World : June 12, 2015

    The newest installation of the Jurassic Park series is going to be called  Jurassic World and will be in theaters June 12, 2015.

    Workplace raptor attack!

    The Japanese know how to have all the fun.

    First Signs of Extinct Species Being Cloned Back to Existence

    According to Catholic.org and UNSW Newsroom a species of extinct Australian frog has been cloned back into existence. This was a gastric brooding frog known as Rheobatrachus silus. It would swallow its eggs and allowing them to gestate inside the stomach, and then gave oral birth to the offspring. Rheobatrachus silus became extinct in 1983. […]

    Great Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull


    Laura Dern Contemplates Casting For Jurassic Park IV

    From ifc.com Laura Dern was interviewed quickly during the spirit awards and said she wasn’t sure if she would return to Jurassic Park’s fourth installment if she was asked. She knows Steven Spielberg has been planning the fourth movie for some time and that the film is in good hands with the current writers and […]

    New 3D Poster – TRex Facelift

     Courtesy of Cine1 we get to see the new poster for the release of Jurassic Park 3D. The Tyrannosaurus Rex has a nice facelift. Jurassic Park 3D in High Definition will be available April 23, 2013 immediately following the theatrical release.

    Order Jurassic Park 3D On Bluray Now!

    You can reserver your copy of Jurassic Park 3D in high definition quality now through Amazon.com. I know I have my copy reserved already. Array

    Jurassic Park 3D to bluray April 23, 2013

    The original Jurassic Park is being remastered for 3D and will also release a bluray version on April 23, 2013. Early April the movie will be in theaters and one week will be spent in IMAX theaters. After that you can purchase the bluray for this classic film in 3D.