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    Jurassic Park 3D to bluray April 23, 2013

    The original Jurassic Park is being remastered for 3D and will also release a bluray version on April 23, 2013. Early April the movie will be in theaters and one week will be spent in IMAX theaters. After that you can purchase the bluray for this classic film in 3D.

    My Two Cents That Jurassic Park IV Needs To Have

    I know I’m not a screen writer, but I have been thinking what would be a great redeeming story for Jurassic Park IV. I would love to see the film take place in a time frame between The Lost World and Jurassic Park III. The setting would be on Isla Sorna (The Lost World island). […]

    Jurassic Park IV to Release June 13, 2014

    Steven Spielberg is producing the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park Series. They have given a goal to have the film finished and in theaters ready to release June 13th, 2014. The movie is currently being filmed in high definition and with a 3D camera.

    Jurassic Park 3D Making Appearance to IMAX Theaters

    Jurassic Park from 1993 is being reformatted to not only play in 3D, but there is a higher resolution film being made to also release this to IMAX theaters. The only downside is it will only be released to IMAX theaters for about one week.

    Half Life 2 has a Jurassic Park Mod

    There is a half life mod coming for Jurassic Park. A group of gamers and engineers part of the group “Jurassic Life” have been putting together a mod for Jurassic Park in Half Life 2. Click jurassic-life.game-lab.com for the official page for the mod. They are still looking for volunteers to help with coding and […]

    Dr. Michio Kaku explains some bioinformatic techniques that can be used to resurrect dinosaurs.

    Bioinformatics is a great field of study that combines biological research with computer science. One specific area this can deal with is genetic mapping of animals. We know that dinosaurs decedents are mostly birds and as paleontologists find more soft tissue and protein segments in dinosaur bones the possibility to use this data and compare […]

    Inching closer to a real Jurassic Park

    Scientists have been able to extract more Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA. Enjoy this clip from the Smithsonian.

    Protein Preservation in T-Rex and Brachiosaurus Bones Contain Original DNA

    Bone tissue has been sampled and has what is believed to be original DNA molecules of both a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brachiosaurus. There are no current complete dinosaur strands of DNA to compare the results against, however scientists have the potential to compare the DNA against the next best thing – bird DNA. One theory […]

    Jurassic Park Toys

    Check out the Jurassic Park toys section. This is nearly finished. The toys are few and far between to buy them, but they are still available – just follow the links and check out these great collectibles. Do you have them all?

    Jurassic Park Staff T-Shirts

    My Jurassic Park shirt has seen better days and I was rather sad that I wouldn’t be able to replace it as the mainstream stores don’t sell them anymore. When I was browsing around for a replacement I found a shirt I just had to have. The beige colored shirt – Jurassic Park Staff. This […]