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    Well, do we need to mention that this is where it all started? The idea that took Crichton almost a decade, that made the movies, the rides, the merchandise and finally this site possible? Do we need to mention that you just have to read this book? Did we say it is our all time favourite? We hope that we didn’t need to!

    Well, to get real, this book is outstanding and probably the most appreciated piece of work carrying the name Jurassic Park. If you want to understand why this hype started, why the movie Jurassic Park is still one of the greatest blockbusters and finally, why you can read these lines… it is essential to read this book!

    The major themes (and even more, the background) and the different attitudes of the characters is elaborated on a lot more than it was possible to do in a movie. The entire story is more detailed and comprehensive, watching the Jurassic Park movie can only serve as a “preview” of what awaits you here.

    Still, the movie was made pretty close after the book (in opposite to The Lost World which was rather “commercialized”), although it was just neccessary to cut out a lot of details to keep the movie around 2 hours, and not 6.. that is no joke, the first screenplay created (and rejected) almost had a playing time of 6 hours!

    Reports that a lizard-like reptile is attacking infants and infirm people in coastal towns Costa Rica are ignored by the authorities. That is, until an American doctor working in Costa Rica treats two patients who have both been attacked by these unknown animals. Their test results, which indicate that they have been poisoned by a mysterious venom, are passed down to Dr. Alan Grant, a renowned paleontologist who is working on a dinosaur dig in Montana with his associate, Ellie Sattler.

    Grant has just uncovered another fossilized Velociraptor skeleton in the Montana Badlands, and is interrupted by a phone call from John Hammond, his wealthy sponsor for the dig. Hammond insists that Grant and his assistant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, fly down to Hammond’s private island near Costa Rica for a consultation. They are to be joined by Gennaro, a lawyer of inGen; Ian Malcolm, a mathematician specializing in the field of Chaos Theory and Tim & Alexis, Hammond’s young grandchildren.

    A tour of Hammond’s crowing achievement, the as-yet-unopened theme park, Jurassic Park, proves deadly as the security systems go off-line and the untamed Dinosaurs overtake the island, killing anyone and anything in their path. The unwelcomed human visitors are separated and each group must find a way back to safety – and stop the rampaging Dinosaurs.

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