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    The Lost World

    Of course, the flick The Lost World is also based on a book by Michael Crichton. This time, book and movie a completely different, basically The Lost World movie only took the idea from the book and was set up rather commercially. Something that makes this book even more valuable to the JP freak. Even the main characters have been changed or left out. Also, by most fans the book is regarded as much better and intense than the movie.

    Also, there are some essential continuity errors between the books and movies. Let’s try to make it simple. While Hammond survived in the Jurassic Park movie, he died in the book. Therefore, he is still alive in The Lost World movie, but dead in the book… On the other hand, Ian Malcom also survived in the Jurassic Park movie and died in the book. But he is in both, The Lost World book and movie. In The Lost World book, Crichton explains that he was believed dead but finally survived. When asked, he stated that it is an old tradition in literature that characters return from the dead (he points us to Sherlock Holmes).

    The movie has also been made easier to understand for non-insiders: While the ‘enemy’ in the book remains the BioSyn Company, the movie features some ‘newly-rich bad guys’ from inGen itself.

    But well, judge on your own. The Lost World is a phenomenally written book, which belongs, no doubt, into the library of every JP fan! Like the JP book, it just gives much more detail on everything…

    Six years after the death of John Hammond and the mysterious destruction of his ‘Jurassic Park’ on Isla Nublar, mathematician Ian Malcolm discovers a second island off Costa Rica, where Hammond created his genetically-bred dinosaurs. He travels there with a scientific research team including paleobiologist Richard Levine, Sarah Harding, and two stowaway kids, Kelly and Arby, both 11 years old. Once on the island, they find themselves on the run for their lives from some of the Dinosaurs with whom Ian has already crossed paths, along with some new species. The group not only has to contend with the Dinosaurs, but with murderous rival scientist Lewis Dodgson and his cronies, who are out to steal the Dinosaur eggs and bring them back to the mainland.

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