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    In 1979, Stanford geneticist Norman Atherton and flamboyant venture capitalist John Hammond founded International Genetic Technologies – ‘inGen’. Utilizing $850 million of foreign venture capital, the company initiated a secret program of genetic research at an island facility near Costa Rica.

    inGen scientists retrieved DNA from dinosaurs of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and cloned them to produce living examples of several long-extinct animal species. This revolutionary research ranked with the Atomic Bomb as one of the most startling scientific achievements of the 20th century. Hammond’s intetion was to display them in an animal preserve, a ‘Jurassic Park’

    Despite the scientific successes, a series of accidents and betrayals resulted in the overall failure of the project and the downfall of the inGen Corporation. The first major setback occurred during a safety inspection of the park in 1989, when several adult dinosaurs escaped from confinement. Hammond was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and attempted to conceal the events from public knowledge. Then, during a 1997 inGen mission intended to reclaim surviving dinosaurs for exhibition, a Tyrannosaurus Rex was accidentally set free in San Diego, California. Subsequently, John Hammond published a memoir, Jurassic Time in which he told the story of inGen’s rise and fall. The work was initially regarded as fiction since few hard facts about the events at Jurassic Park and the research facility, Site B, ever reached the public.

    The History of inGenNET

    Well, back to reality…
    Jurassic Park went by… The Lost World went by… and finally Trespasser was out. After the closing of Trespasser Central, the greatest Trespasser site ever, us few Jurassic Park freaks had hardly any place to stay on the net. 99% of the Jurassic Park fan sites were cheap 30 minute works, outdated or dead for over a year.
    That is when Wired Al contacted Neo_Maze (they knew each other from the TresCentral board and were members of the original THS), about the plans he had for a new Jurassic Park site called ‘BioSyn Network’. Neo loved this idea, and very quickly they came up with the idea to create the web’s largest source on Jurassic Park information, covering anything the ‘JP Universe’ had to offer.

    The name ‘inGenNET’ was born (inspired by the company, read above!), and so the website. Other names we had on our minds was ‘JP Central’ or ‘JP HQ’… but after all we regard our descision as right.

    From then on, Jan 17th, 1999 inGenNET grew to the ‘web’s largest Jurassic Park network’, offering a lot of media and rare stuff on the one hand, and self-made projects (Site B Explorer, TPMS ect.) on the other. inGenNET grew day by day, changing webdesigns (right now you’re looking at Revision 6.0), welcoming and farewell-ing other members, such as rfblasco or PhredPhish (note: inGenNET was the first Jurassic Park fansite to own a domain name!). Our crew right now, Neo_Maze, Wired_Al, BloodyClaw, Tyrannosaur, Roksx and the middle-American trike Boricua Prowler have been together for a while and work hand in hand. This team was the key to a good organization and the realization of the new website and future projects.

    The site closed for unknown reasons. The domain ingennet.com was lost. Until now the information was lost until a new CEO came to the scenes. Zaphinath – purchased ingennet and began importing all the old site information to the new version. Not everything has been rescued, but we did as much as we could. Please enjoy the makeover and we plan on bringing all the best information we can to fans of Jurassic Park everywhere.

    At this place we would like to thank all the fans and visitors, without them our success would not have been possible (sounds dumb and heard everyday, but very true)!

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