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    We’ve been scouting the web for over a year now, searching for a site with complete JP toy pictures and/or info. We found some sites, but unfortunately none of them were complete; neither did they feature high quality pictures of the toys, which they really deserve. So that was when we announced our ‘Toy Section’. A long time ago… and now, after you’ve all been waiting so long, we can tell you that is was worth it! A bunch of JP toy freaks got togther and started work on the ultimate JP toy resource, and that’s exactly what we come up with now. Not all pictures are finished yet, but they will follow shortly. Enjoy a finally complete list, background info and loads of images… and thanks for waiting!
    Choose your toy line!

    First of all, the old ones (meaning all except JP: Dinosaurs) are pretty hard to get. However, we have some insider tips for the ambitioned collector! Please choose your series and check out ways to get them! Always keep in mind that MIB (‘Mint in box’) and MOC (‘Mint on card’) are always more expensive, especially for the old ones!

    Jurassic Park
    Well, tough! No chance you see some overlefts in stores, really. There are 3 ways to get them: 1)As always, eBay often has some. 2)Go to fleamarkets! JP toys were pretty popular, and some mothers often sell these treasures of their grown-up children! 3)Visit toy-collector meetings. Expensive, but you will get stuff MIB and MOC.

    The Lost World
    There are a lot of items here, and rare ones are naturally harder to get than for example a Raptor. However, this might work for you. While eBay always has some, the best way is to pay your local (or maybe the other towns…) Wal*Mart and Kmart a visit. Of course, not much will be left in the shelves. But take a close look above the shelves, where usually great numbers of brown boxes are stacked. Now use your eyes. More than once we found a brand new box of TLW toys with real treasures in them… the staff will be happy to help you out bringing down those boxes. And theyre cheap, as they got on sale plenty of times.

    Chaos Effect
    Well, again that ‘above the shelves’ tactic might work here. Also especially check your ToysRus, as they had large numbers of Chaos Effect stuff. Rather rare on eBay, check stores, it is not too long ago these toys were released…

    JP: Dinosaurs
    Go to Wal*Mart! Now! What are you waiting for, they’re all over the place! Unlucky if you live in Europe – no chance..

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