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    Jurassic Park Dinosaurs

    Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs

    Kenner, 1999/2000


    Hasbro, 1999/2000


    The new ones! While these are just repaints, they are beatiful, as they are very simple and classic, almost like the Jurassic Park toys. While Wave 1 was Wal*Mart exclusive, the new ones are available also in other stores. However, none of them are available in Europe, unfortunately. Still, wehave pictures! Note: Often these toys are named ‘IOA Toys‘, but that is wrong. They only have this IOA promo sticker on them, that’s all. You can’t even buy them at IOA.


    Picture Box Pic Name Repainted Wave Purchase
    Baby T-Rex TLW I
    Young T-Rex JP II
    Velociraptor TLW I
    Velociraptor JP II
    Electronic Velociraptor JP I
    Electronic Dilophosaurus JP I
    Pteranodon JP I
    Triceratops TLW I
    Ornithosuchus TLW I
    Dimetrodon JP II
    Lyceanops JP II
    Tanystropheus JP II
    Baryonyx 2 TLW II
    Spinosaurus TLW II
    Chasmasaurus TLW II


    Picture Box Pic Name Repainted Wave Purchase
    Baryonyx w/Dinosaur Tracker TLW
    Dino Tracker
    Pachycephalosaurus w/Dinosaur Trainer JP I
    Young T-Rex w/Dinosaur Hunter JP I
    Stegosaurus w/Dinosaur Tracker TLW II

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