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    Archive for 'Jurassic Park Movie Props'

    Another Movie Prop is Here – Bracelet Scan

    Ingen Vehicles are Here

    Filming at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans

    There has been a lot of filming for JurassicWorld in New Orleans. All the extras were given a map of Isla Nublar.

    Jurassic Park Paraphernalia Being Auctioned Off March 9

    ScreenUsed.com is having an auction that is selling off a collection of original Jurassic Park movie props and paraphernalia. This includes posters autographed by by Stan Winston, Ford Explorer Control Panel, Brochures, Triceratops Epoccipital Bone, Velociraptor Eggs, T-Rex Tooth, and T-Rex Dewclaw.

    Jurassic Park Brochure Prop

    I know I would love to have some authentic Jurassic Park movie props, but like most people I can’t justify the cost of purchasing them. To get a real Jurassic Park Brochure from the film set costs well over $1000 USD. The next best option is to download the Jurassic Park Brochure and take it […]