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    Archive for 'Jurassic Park'

    Lego Jurassic Park

    Preorder now through gamestopĀ and get a free lego set.

    Unused Jurassic Park Posters

    Check this link out – unused posters from the first film. http://www.slashfilm.com/unused-jurassic-park-posters-john-alvin/

    Jurassic Park Legos in Design Phase

    Description Legos has the idea of mass producing Jurassic Park Legos in it’s beta design phase at the moment. As of today they need roughly about 4000 (for a total of 10,000) more supporters to move the idea into the next step of production. If you’re Lego fan or a Jurassic Park fan please go […]

    New Insight to Jurassic Park Sound Effects

    “If people knew where the sounds in Jurassic Park came from, it’d be rated R!” laughed Gary Rydstrom. Rydstrom received two Academy Awards for the sound effects during the release of the Jurassic Park in 1993. He was commissioned to produce dozens of dinosaur sounds and on his quest for the perfect combination of sounds […]

    Jurassic Park Created in Minecraft

    Jurassic Park 3D Close to $20 Million Over Weekend

    Whether or not people are going to see Jurassic Park because of the 3D visualizations or to relive a part of their childhood, the film is doing better than expected. Grossing around 20 million dollars over the opening weekend. Don’t forget to reserver your copy today and get it when it comes to digital, bluray, […]

    Jurassic Park 3D Release Tomorrow!

    Jurassic Park 3D commercials have been on the air for weeks now. The release is for this weekend. Universal will be showing it on about 2600 screens, 300 of them will be IMAX theaters. Analysts have predicted the film will bring in anywhere between 10-20 million dollars over the weekend.

    Jurassic Park 3D Trailer is Here.

    Check out the trailer for Jurassic Park 3D. The original Jurassic Park in all it’s glory coming to the IMAX.

    Post Released for Jurassic Park 3D

    Cinematographers have been taking the original Jurassic Park and digitally rendering it for 3D theaters. The release is scheduled for April 5, 2013. Jurassic Park is now a classic as much as King Kong or Godzilla are classics.

    Jurassic Park Brochure Prop

    I know I would love to have some authentic Jurassic Park movie props, but like most people I can’t justify the cost of purchasing them. To get a real Jurassic Park Brochure from the film set costs well over $1000 USD. The next best option is to download the Jurassic Park Brochure and take it […]