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    Unique Jurassic World Lego Figures

    There are six unique jurassic world lego figures – lego dinosaur figures. They each come with the base plate. They are technically not Legos, but they are completely compatible. They ship from China and are purchased from AliExpress.com. I have bought several items form AliExpress, including these dinosaurs. They take about a month to two […]

    Lego Jurassic Park

    Preorder now through gamestop and get a free lego set.

    Legos Confirmed

    Chris Pratt let it slip during an interview earlier this month, but it has been confirmed that LEGO’s are in production for the upcoming Jurassic World film. “Hulk_Smash on Eurobricks has seen some preliminary images of some of the 2015 LEGO sets and in those images, there will indeed be some LEGO Jurassic World sets. They did […]

    New Jurassic Park Toys Released Soon

    There are several toys for sale now at Toys R Us – but with Jurassic World being released next year production of the toy line has already started and has been added to the ToysRUs inventory. http://www.jurassicworld.org/?id=162

    First Look at Jurassic World Merchandise

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    Jurassic Park Legos in Design Phase

    Description Legos has the idea of mass producing Jurassic Park Legos in it’s beta design phase at the moment. As of today they need roughly about 4000 (for a total of 10,000) more supporters to move the idea into the next step of production. If you’re Lego fan or a Jurassic Park fan please go […]